We’re frequently told that our philosophy is “refreshing,” “different,” “awesome” and a host of other great words that businesses should strive for, in our humble opinion.

First, a few ground rules:

The customer is NOT always right.  SHOCKING!  I know, right?  Our customers come to us to solve problems beyond their own abilities and expertise.  By extension, we are assuming a responsibility to treat our customer’s issue at least as well we would treat our family members.  Treat their equipment with the same care and concern that we would show our friends.  Treat their money as we would treat our own.

We don’t know the answer to every question.  We are, however, scientists with more than 50 years combined experience.  We assume an obligation to research the problem and provide our clients with the best possible answer if we’re to be good adherents to the goal outlined in the previous paragraph.  You won’t always get an immediate answer from us – sometimes we absorb what we observed, ask additional questions, and make additional tests before giving our best advice.

We’re not perfect.  Try as we might, we’d be crazy to think that we can be on top of our game 24/7/365.  Nope, we already know we’re going to make a mistake.  That said, we have a great backup plan:  Make it right!  Westside Technologies goes out of its way to give excellent warranties for all services performed.  We don’t nit-pick or shift the blame to our clients – we just make it right.  We don’t screw up very often, but if we do, you’ll be happy to know that we stand behind our work 100%.

We’re not the fastest.  It is important that the job be done correctly and thoroughly.  We specifically object to some of out competitors in the computer field who subscribe to the, “Reformat, reinstall,” theory whereby your data is frequently lost or you’re provided with a file folder full of your old files that you have to sort through when you get your computer back.  Because we insist on taking the high-road in this regard, it takes longer to do the job right.  (And still, we’re usually less expensive than our competition.  How does that work?!)

We enjoy what we do, or we go home.  At Westside Technologies we’re driven by the challenge, not the money.  Our fees pay the bills and allow us to survive, but our primary motivations are different than the goal of most businesses.  Rather than chasing the almighty buck, I insist that my staff  (A) Develop meaningful relationships with people we might never have met if it weren’t for the work we perform; (B) Live to learn.  Learning by book is fine for some, but hands on problem solving is where Westside excels, (you can be assured that we have an exceptional book-based foundation as well…)

A relationship, however, is a two-way street.  We have some expectations of our customers as well:  Honest interaction.  Recognize the value of our time.  We don’t enjoy being abused and we will reject clients who feel entitled to take advantage of our good nature and time.

In summary, our philosophy puts the customer first – we just arrive at our destination based on personal preference, not as a sales method to stick our hand deeper into your pocket.