Radio & Paging

Westside Technologies sells and services Vertex two-way radio equipment. We believe the value of Vertex far exceeds many competing vendors in the two-way radio industry. Built to last, excellent specifications, Vertex equipment and the men and women behind the scenes make the brand a pleasure to sell and (rarely) service.

We also maintain and repair many other brands of two-way radio, repeaters, base-stations, data-systems and related radio communications equipment including:  GE, Motorola, Tait, Midland, Kenwood and others. Our rates, policies regarding repair and ability to get the job done at reasonable prices have many people thanking us for providing an alternative to the “other guys” here in the harbor.

We provide a seamless experience in getting your wireless needs resolved. We have a single two-way radio remote site located high above Nielton Point. In addition, we have repeaters at this locations for RCC (Radio Common Carrier) use, allowing you to off-load the responsibilities and costs associated with maintaining your own repeater system.  The site services the greater Quinault area, with some coverage into Aberdeen/Hoquiam.

If you have any questions regarding two-way radio service, repair or sales, please give us a call. We’re competitive in price and provide superior service.


As of January 1, 2015, we have discontinued paging services for the Grays Harbor area.  We  will be providing satellite-based alpha-numeric paging services and will update this information with pricing and availability as that information becomes available.

Cool and Interesting Recent Projects

Engineered and installed new LED lighting at our own facility as part of an experiment in energy conservation and cost-savings.  The project resulted in a reduction from 26 Amps consumed 9 hours/day, 5 days/week to 5 Amps consumed over the same time period.  We have found the lighting replacement to be better in many ways, including better retail staging and visibility while reducing our monthly lighting cost by approximately 80%.  Our total investment in this experiment was less than $1,000.

Consulting and engineering services related to one of the new marijuana production and processing facilities in the region, including security and observation systems (camera/DVR solutions) and interfacing the facility to the State of Washington, Liquor Control Board to the State’s satisfaction.  We will provide additional automation solutions as the business comes on-line and increases capacity.

Replacement of a repeater at a local Tribal casino, as well as additional troubleshooting and repair services.

Replaced yagi antennas at the 80′ level of the Capitol Peak paging system for Westside Paging, Inc. Utilizing a power divider to couple dual yagi antennas pointed toward Tacoma and Chehalis, the system was impacted by the recent storms of 2007/2008.

In combination with our computer department, we recently completed the build of a software package to allow Westside Paging’s customers an on-line alpha-paging solution. This creative process dovetailed with the creation of their website ( )