VoIP and Telephony

VoIP – Voice over IP – and Telephony Services

Three years ago we started investigating alternatives to standard telephone systems for our clients. We had experimented with a variety of solutions but never arrived at the point where we could call any of them Production Ready.

Recently, we brought in a developer and engineer specifically to push our Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VoIP) system to the next level. Our new system is perfectly suited for businesses using our fiber-based networking services, but the system can also be built and installed with other internet solutions, depending on the reliability of that connection. The package provides an enormous number of capabilities and will significantly reduce your monthly telephone costs.

For once, you can enjoy the experience of combining your office/business telephone number, your home and your cellular phone in a seamless package. Office staff can forward telephone calls to your cellphone. You can answer office lines at home. Route anyone to voicemail, or selectively ring your phone(s) as you see fit.

How about virtual fax services? We have a system that works exceptionally well. You’ll have to see it to believe how well it works!  Incoming fax transmissions are routed to your email addresses, and outgoing documents are scanned and sent directly from the scanning station or your computer.

What about the ability to accept credit card transactions? We have solutions that allow you to be anywhere in the world and swipe a credit card on your smartphone. Bam! You’ve just processed a credit card transaction on the side of the road in lovely Cosmopolis, Washington. How cool is that?!

We can design and build your entire telephone network and provide you with very economical solutions – both in terms of the cost of hardware and monthly service cost. Our VoIP clients find that we save them 50% or more over their regular telephone costs. Since we control and operate the telephone network, we’re able to quickly resolve any problems you might encounter – which is infrequent. If you’d like to speak with one of our references regarding the quality, cost and maintenance costs associated with our telephone network, give us a call today at: (360) 532-6922.