For many of our competitors, networking means joining a few computers together and getting them connected to the internet. That’s one facet of networking – but there are so many others.

Network type: Wired, wireless, optical. 10/100/1000/10G. A.B.G.N. WiFi. WWAN. WLAN. Data Cards. In short, how do you want to connect your computers together? Different people have different needs – and some of us have a serious need for speed. Or will you have a hybrid system, combining different pieces of technology together to get the job done?

Security: WEP, Radius, Open, VPN? What method of security are you going to employ on your network? Does your home network require the same level of security as your office? You might – especially if you’re an accountant, accessing your files at the office. Or a health-care provider working from their laptop in the field. Different requirements for different needs. Only a serious professional can provide you the best information and solutions.

Does your network need certification? Do you need to have independent security sweeps performed to ensure the integrity of your network? The engineers at Westside Technologies can make sure your needs are met.

How about some tougher issues that need to be addressed. Are you having discussions about: HIPAA? EMail archiving? PCI Compliance? ISO 17799? GLBA? Again, the engineers at Westside Technologies can deal with each of these realms and ensure your compliance. We even have an on-staff HIPAA trainer to help your firm become compliant or maintain compliance.


So many things to consider, so little time to absorb it all. What do you do? You COULD call one of the big box stores and talk to someone without a clue and just enough training to be dangerous. You could call a certified, qualified, knowlegeable and friendly engineer who can provide you with some useful information — and get you or your company on the path to a safe, secure networking environment. Only you can decide the best solution…

A few important things to consider:  At Westside / Techlab we use quality products to complete the job.  That means HP switches, MikroTik routers, Ubiquiti wireless products, high-quality cabling and terminators, Panduit cabling products and patch panels.  Why?  Because each of these vendors provide a quality product at a fair price.  This translates into savings for you because we won’t need to make multiple trips to your location to solve problems caused by inferior products.