I’m frequently asked, “What do you do at TechLab / Westside Technologies?”  Explaining the capabilities of TechLab is difficult.  First and foremost we’re scientists.   Yes, real scientists.  For 35 years.  With a broad exposure to most of the fields of science, then specialized into certain categories of science, namely communications, electronics and computing.

What this means to our customers:  We have the patience and ability to research the answer to your problem, study it and give you a better answer than any of our competitors.

Within our realm of expertise there are few things we don’t or won’t do.  Copiers?  No.  Printers?  Usually not.  CB radio?  Not unless we really like you or Bob’s fallen off the deep end.  Anything else is fair game.  Does that mean we are intimately familiar with the interior of every product brought to us?  No.  We maintain an enormous library of technical data, service manuals, schematics and other interesting literature.  We have that capability to research and determine proper operation of your equipment, and that means everything.

This area of the website was created to help us tell our story.  We work on some crazy – and not so crazy – equipment.  Sometimes people say, “WTH?  I would have never expected that!”  Other times, the response is, “Well!  That makes sense!  Never thought about it, but that makes sense!”

Of course if you ever wonder, you can always drop us a line at our “Contact Us” button and we’ll tell you.