There are several facets to publishing in this day and age.  Entities like Amazon allow you to create a book in digital form, upload it to their website, and “poof,” you’re a published author.

Or are you?

As a published author several times over, both self-published and through a publishing house, I can tell you there’s much more involved than simply writing words and hoping that your publication will be a hit.  If you’re a decent writer, that’s a start.  From the raw text you create, what’s the next step?  Better still, what are ALL the steps to making your raw text move from the bottom of the publishing ladder toward a quality publication that draws the eye of the reader and encourages them to invest their time and money?

Helping you create that working list is something we can help you with at Westside Technologies.  But we can help you down the path far beyond creating a list and sending you on your way!

Like any project your path has many options that need to be navigated successfully for your publication to arrive at a finished state.  Marketing is a significant piece of work that takes place early in the publication process:  Who is your audience, why would they be interested in your effort, and how do you communicate with that potential buyer more effectively?  These questions start an evolutionary process that will cause you to revisit your writing, the graphics and illustrations in your work, the type of font used to display your text and titles, the cover design, packaging and many other options before you.  Something as simple as paper choice can be nerve-wracking for many would-be authors.

Westside can help.  Whether you want to publish on the web or for print, a book or brochure, promotional literature, or marketing device, we understand the market and the work that goes into creating a final product.  Call and arrange for a consultation to start you on the road to your first published work.

Recent Projects

Edited, proofed, created graphics and assisted in color schemes and paper choices to produce a philosophy-related book for a local author.

Full creation of a maritime atlas using specialized paper products (waterproof) with all annotations regarding the area of coverage.  25,000 copies printed in Asia and received/distributed in the US.