Goodbye Verizon…

Effective June 1, 2016, Westside Technologies has discontinued their long-standing relationship with Verizon Wireless.

This decision was not taken lightly.  Had it not been for our desire to serve our customers to the best of our abilities, placing service over sales, we would have opted out of the relationship much earlier.  If you think we delayed the split because of money, we assure you that it was not.

To provide you, our valued friends and families, a small amount of perspective:  This was a significant change to the services we provide.  Normally, one would disengage from a long-term relationship with much trepidation.  Sometimes, however, a relationship is negatively impacted by abuse and neglect.  Marriage counseling was unproductive and at the end of the day the smartest thing we could do was to file for divorce.  As the final date approached we expected a certain amount of concern and fear for the future.  Such was not the case…  Instead, we feel relieved and that our burden has been lifted.

To our customers needing service, it is very difficult for us to suggest a replacement vendor to work with.  Years of feedback, combined with our own sense of responsibility for your long-term satisfaction, leaves us unwilling to point you toward either of the local stores selling Verizon products.

Over the next 60 days Westside Technologies will be stepping up our cellular accessories department, providing cell-phone cases, batteries, styli, mobile and home chargers and related items.  Our goal is to become the largest retailer of cellular accessories in Grays Harbor – for ALL carriers!