Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

Whether you need a camera system and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to capture those pesky thieves that steal your gas in the night, or a more robust security solution, you need someone that can critically think through the problem and provide you the best solution at a fair price.

At Westside/TechLab we bring some unique qualifications to the table in the realm of audio and video surveillance.  We have created unique audio and video capture devices for use by law enforcement for clandestine operations, hidden camera solutions for business owners trying to identify shrinkage problems, and unique nanny-cam items to record and watch house-sitters, baby-sitters and other home visitors.  Camera systems that you can remotely view and control?  No problem.  Listen in on the sounds your home makes while you’re away?  Sure!  Wonder what your cats are doing while you’re at work?  (Yes, we’ve really had people that want to know…)

Concerned that your spouse has been cheating, or the kids have been using the car for unacceptable purposes?  We have access to a wide variety of solutions that can provide vehicle tracking and many other tools to help you solve a troublesome problem.

On the other hand, are you concerned that someone’s been listening to your conversations at home or the office?  Phone system (cellular or landline) been compromised?  Someone bugged the corporate office and been stealing secrets?  We can provide you with answers and help you develop a meaningful response.

Maybe you need to know who has been using your computer in your absence and what they’ve been up to.  Yes, we have solutions for these problems, too.  Data capture and analysis is just one of the many tools we bring to the table.

Need someone to work with your attorney to capture useful information for pending litigation?  Give us a call and ask to speak with a security specialist.