Engineering Services

The ability to control our environment is what sets men apart from the animals, or so I’m told. At Westside Technologies, we make control possible…  Need an electronic solution to a problem? We can design and build a circuit that will meet your needs. Interfacing computer software to hardware is a specialty – we’re currently working to unify a radio communications system so that an entire building can communicate from the in-house telephone system through a single base-station in the building.

If you find that you need electronic service for a unique item, give us a call.

Recent Projects

Designed a system to receive telemetry reports via two-way radio, massage that data into speakable words and apply parameter control to advise when conditions exceed safety thresholds via alpha-numeric paging and voice alerts.

Just in time for the holidays, and the cool weather associated with the season, we engineered and installed a computerized a multi-zone heating, cooling, alarm and video distribution system for a local business that wanted to reduce long-term costs associated with employee theft, manually-controlled heating and potential theft from break-in. The system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, as long as the end user has an internet connection (and the right credentials to operate the system!)

Engineered custom components and utilized off-the-shelf components to build an audio and video distribution system for a large home. The system allows the residents to enjoy multiple programs throughout the home, including the ability to transfer their programming to another room. The entire system is controlled via IR remote controls, with receivers in every room. The system also integrates with their video security system, which can automatically engage video surveillance on any video monitor in the home when an alert is received.

Engineered and installed a multi-zone wireless network for a local multi-story motel, including customer authentication system to secure the network and conserve bandwidth.

Built a paging interface to provide emergency alerts to a local waste water treatment facility in the event pre-set parameters were exceeded.

In cooperation with the computer and two-way department, completed setup and programming of an APRS network which gathers data from remote sites where the local amateur radio repeaters are located, consolidates that data and forms the data into spoken words which are transmitted during the hourly informational announcements and when alarm conditions exist. Several members of our staff are amateur radio operators and enjoy the hobby.

Repair of a local municipality radar sign system used to advise motorists of their speed while traveling in a school zone. The system had been badly impacted by power problems and salt-laden rain which had penetrated the protective housings for the signs.

Design & Build of a small-quantity undercover communications device for a large law-enforcement entity. They wanted a way to monitor their officers involved in undercover operations while conducting narcotics purchases for safety of the officer. We devised an interface between a compact two-way radio and a personal stereo device which allowed for two-way communications without attracting undue attention.

Completed final engineering to a significant heating and cooling system for a local government entity. System was improperly installed originally and required substantial re-engineering and custom interface solutions to bring the system on-line.