Marine Radio Month?

Given that we hadn’t seen a marine radio in nearly a year, it was odd to see three in the same month.  Two Uniden’s, a Solara and an Oceanus VHF Marine Radios, and an Icom IC-M700.  The Solara had a defective microphone cable while the Oceanus suffered from a broken n-connector.  (Note to self, don’t try to force a standard UHF connector to mate with an n-connector.  They really aren’t intended to work together!)

The Icom was more interesting.  A visit to the vessel was required so the setup could be tested properly.  An SSB radio, the unit wouldn’t talk nicely to its auto-tuner, or the antenna.  Separating the setup and isolating the radio localized the problem to the radio itself.  Turned out the radio had bad connections on the RF output that flexed at the most in-opportune times.  Returning the radio to the shop was required, followed by re-installation and testing.  Perfection.